Travel Pillow: Removable Hood And Prevents Fatigue

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Travel Pillow: Removable Hood And Prevents Fatigue

An Essential Companion For Long Journeys Without A Stiff Neck On Arrival

Tired of sleeping poorly in transport? This is a travel pillow like no other! Extremely well thought out, it will quickly become an indispensable companion during your long journeys by plane, train or car. No more long journeys with a stiff neck on arrival, this memory foam pillow adapts perfectly to your body shape. A handy little strap keeps the pillow securely seated under the chin to lean on as needed. 

Unmatched Ergonomics

A classic travel pillow with hood and back support. The cover of this pillow is micro-perforated for better ventilation and fully machine washable. But the real innovation of this pillow and its extension at the back which makes it multifunctional. In addition, this cushion helps you maintain good posture during your sleep, thus avoiding pain and numbness upon waking.

Travel Pillow

6 In 1 Travel Pillow

when you need basic U-shaped support and want to wear the hood to keep the light from disturbing you while you sleep. Turn the pillow over for extra head support, best when you want to lean against a hard surface like a wall or the headrest isn't comfortable enough. Turn the pillow and lean on it. You will avoid banging your head against the window when traveling by plane, car or bus.

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Posture Alignment

Place the pillow around your lumbar region for lower back support and to improve your sitting position and alignment of the spine. Best when working in the office or for drivers. Attach it with the buckle strap and rest your head, especially when driving for long hours. Place the pillow on the desk and lay your head on it and your arms on the sides. Ideal when you want to rest on hard surfaces. Example: desk or lying in camping.

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  • For Long Haul: unique ergonomic pillow special for long haul flights with 6 in 1 sleeping positions for universal comfort.

  • Removable Hood: in breathable double eyelet fabric, the hood covers the eyes up to the nose to block the light for better rest.

  • Memory Foam: helps relieve and prevent pressure points, supports alignment of the spine, reduces allergens and is very durable.

  • Adjustable Strap And Pocket: a nylon strap allows you to adjust the pillow to your needs; an elastic side pocket adapts to your smartphone.

  • Travel Pouch: has an elastic strap to attach the rolled up pillow after use; portable bag included for easy transport.

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  • Shape: U-shaped, Solid

  • Part: neck

  • Weight: 0.5-1 kg

  • Filling: memory foam

Package Include

  • 1 x Travel Pillow: Removable Hood And Prevents Fatigue

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