500Hours Voice Recorder Mini Spy Listening Device Recorder

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500hours Voice recorder Mini Spy Listening Device Recorder

If you want to have a record of everything you hear during the day. Or if you are concern someone's plotting something illegal. You need proper proofs to take them to the authorities. The best way to do it so is with a reliable and great quality spy listening device. This spy recorder device is as small as a Battery and it has a great quality sound recording. With multiple functions and with the proper memory card. It can record up to 500hours straight! 

This is the best Spy Listening Device

With the spy listening device, you can set up your preferred mode. You can turn it on and begin recording until turned off again or until the battery runs out. And in that case, you don't have to worry about it! Because this device is designed for saving everything on the SD Card if it runs out of batteries. Or you can even set up an independent voice activation mode. In which the microphone will begin recording when detecting any sound up to 30 Decibels. And if any sound is less than 30 decibels. The mic turns off automatically. 

This product is a long-distance recording. Think about this, this spy listening device that is less than  10cm long. Can record the sound of up to 60meters away from it! And besides that. This product has a magnetic absorption. So you could install it on the side of a bed, under a table, on the fridge. You have so many options to place this device! This is the ultimate surveillance product!

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Micro voicer recorder
  • Recording format: WAV
  • Sampling rate: 16KHz
  • Number of digits: 32kbps - 384kbps
  • Recording method: one-click recording
  • Microphone: built-in imported large diameter microphone
  • Music format: WAV, WMA, MP3
  • Battery: Polymer Safety Lithium Battery
  • Specifications: about 65*32*17mm Weight: about 60g

Package Contains:

1x 500hours Voice recorder Mini Spy Listening Device Recorder

1x Type C - OTG Adapter 

User's Manual

1x Earphones

1x USB Data Cable

Inner and Outer Box

Shipping & Delivery