Browsluv Kitchen Storage Sink


Browsluv Kitchen Storage Sink
Browsluv Kitchen Storage Sink


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Keep your kitchen sink always clean and tidy!

Meet the BROWSLUV Kitchen Storage Sink — designed to give your kitchen a magical makeover!  With its sleek and adjustable design, it’s like having extra counter space magically appear whenever you need it! 🌟🔗

Say hello to a clutter- countertop and hello to the Kitchen Storage Sink Shelf—a space-saving, style-boosting marvel for your culinary kingdom!


Create a healthy environment by keeping cleaning devices dry. The drain holes are evenly distributed, allowing water to escape safely from the bottom, giving sponges and rags time to dry properly.

Can meet different needs, suitable for different size sinks, adjust the length freely, can be a large capacity storage.
✨ Towel rack Performs the function of a towel rack! The sleek design gives you a neat place to hang and dry your towels, keeping wet fabric dry, ventilated, clean and hygienic. ✨ DRAIN TANK FOR THICKENER Easy to store cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, brush ball, etc.

Designed to be as simple as possible, easy to remove and wash. The buckle installation is stable and does not shake.

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