2 In 1 Tire Rapid Deflator Pressure Gauge 75Psi For 4X4 Large Offroad Tires

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Protect your vehicle, 

Extend useful life of tyre, 

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Protective pouch and instruction sheet,

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Excellent Deflation Chuck- Durable,for tire deflation adjustments 

Suitable for trucks, motorcycles, automobiles and any passenger vehicles. 

The key reason should be repeated three times Keep you and your family safer,Keep you and your family safer,Keep you and your family safer


Unit change for psi, bar and KPa


How To Use?

1. Use the pressure recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, This information is usually located in the driver's-side door jamb, glove compartment or owner's manual.

2. Check pressure when tires are cold and have sat for at least three hours.

3. Removing cap from inflation valve, Keep caps safe as they protect the valves.

4. With the slide valve pushed forward, thread the valve stem adaptor onto the valve stem in a clockwise direction 

5. Push the valve core remover forward until it engages the valve and turn anti-clockwise to remove valve. 

6.Pull out on the slide valve to release air. Pusin on the slide valve to stop air and check the pressure. Note, gauge wnot show correct pressure whilst deflating. 

7.When the valve core is removed it will push the core remover out and the gauge will read the tyre pressure. 

8.Remove the unit by turning the valve stem adaptor in an anti-clockwise direction Ensure a valve cap is placed on the valve stem to prevent ingress of debris.


1.Pressure increases with heat. Tires can lose one pound per month under normal conditions. 

2.Do not exceed maximum pressure on gauge;

3.Dropping or severe jarring may impair accuracy of gauge.

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