Baby Float Neck Ring

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Baby Float Neck Ring

Baby Float Neck Ring

Baby Float Neck Ring get your baby swimming Due to their delicate immune systems

Baby double airbag, healthy and environmentally friendly, soft and skin-friendly, double airbag, long-lasting leak-proof. Innovative nozzle settings.

baby float neck ring

Benefits And Features

  • Double Airbag : For the safety of the double layer, one airbag is destroyed, and the other airbag can also provide buoyancy, do not sink, and prevent choking water.

Baby Float Neck Ring

  • Air-Proof Mouth :  Baby Neck Float Ring has its independent inflatable mouth. The leakproof piece and leakproof plug design of the air mouth can effectively prevent leakage. After inflating, it can be pressed into the main body to keep the neck flat and beautiful.

  • Safety Lock : The front and back sides of the neck collar have adjustable and tight safety lock, to truly protect the baby's safety.

  • Two Hands : Neck ring has double handle design, easy mother to control the direction and safety of the baby at any time, convenient and sweet.

Baby Float Neck Ring

  • The Mandibular Groove : In the corresponding position of the baby, is designed to have a concave anti-skid groove, which gives the baby enough space for the mandible, but also provides anti-skid safety protection.

Baby Float Neck Ring

  • Edgeless Hairs : The inner ring is sewn by seamless hot melt technology so that it is seamless, burr-free, soft, and skin-friendly.

  • Colored Bells : Neck front airbags have colored bells, in the baby movement can make a pleasant sound, so that the baby exercise can also exercise hearing.

Baby Float Neck Ring

  • Precautions : Give your baby a good collar, please plug in the buckle, make sure the baby is safe to swim in the water. This product is suitable for infants. 

Float Neck Ring

Security Matters

This product is not a life-saving product. Do not use it in deep water or rapids. Infants must have adult guardianship when they are used.

Baby Float Neck Ring


  • Outer diameter 39 cm, inner diameter 9 cm.

  • Healthy and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Applicable seasons all day.

  • The quality is perfect, very thick.

  • Population In Use : 0-2 years

How To Use

First, inflate the rear airbag to 8 o'clock, then inflate the front airbag to 8 o'clock, then insert the air nozzle and press the air nozzle into the main air nozzle body. After one hour, the neck has no leakage. Ready to use.

Baby Float Neck Ring

Package Include

  • 1 x Baby Float Neck Ring

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