Cat Toilet Training Kit

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Cat Toilet Training Kit


• Safely Train Your Cat In Eight Weeks - The training system, developed by animal behaviorists and veterinarians, gradually decreases the amount of litter while increasing the size of the opening. Each stage is a different color ring. Using the rings, you’ll be able to train your cat to use the toilet in eight weeks.

• No More Embarrassing Smell - With the cat toilet training kit, there is no more kitty box and hence, no embarrassing odor. You'll always be ready for company to come over.



• Convenient Timesaver - Once your cat is trained, you'll never have to scoop or wash out your cat's litter box again.



• Save Money On Kitty Litter - Cat litter costs hundreds of dollars every year. With the three-step toilet training system, your cat will never need litter again. The system is reusable for multiple cats saving you even more money.



• Protect Your Family - A traditional litter box can allow the spread of bacteria from your cat's pause to the rest of your household. With a three-step toilet training system, your cat will use the toilet like the rest of the family. No more dirty cat paws.


Package Include

  • 1 x Cat Toilet Training Kit

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