Crystal Clear Slime Toy

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Crystal Clear Slime Toy

12 Best Crystal Clear Slime ideas | clear slime, slime, diy slime

  • Transparent crystal clear slime, you can add your favorite accessories to customize your own unique slime

  • Pick it up and your hands doesn't get wet, It flows like liquid jelly ,sticks together, but not sticky

part 2. colored slime discovered by Paphawarin

  • Amazing slime and super fun to play with! it's ideal supplies for arts, crafts, and school projects

  • It can be torn apart and rejoins seamlessly, and you also can be poured back into its container

  • Non toxic, but please do not eat, suggested for children age 3+, Perfect gag gift to trick your friends

Crystal Clear Slime Toy


  • Very soft, smooth, non-sticky. Does not stick to your hands, super stretchy, when it dries and hardens clay stays lightweight, the magic clay takes 24 hours to fully harden.

Crystal Clear Slime Toy

  • Fine in quality and Exquisite in color, smooth feel, non stick, ultra light and resilient, easy to handle.

Crystal Clear Slime Toy

  • Shape and once cool can be sanded, drilled, carved and finished with super modeling clay mania.

  • Reusable by adding a little bit of water.It is 1/4 of the weight of the ordinary clay.

  • Absolutely safe mud for children and adults. You can even see the detailed content in the description. Children who can't eat or not be too small

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  • 1 x Crystal Clear Slime Toy

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