Outdoor Concrete Paving Mold

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Outdoor Concrete Paving Mold

concrete paving mold

Create your own garden or entrance path with the beautiful DIY Concrete Paving Mold. There are three different shaped molds to choose from  so you can decide what pattern you want. Choose between a rectangular pattern, hexagonal pattern, or irregular pattern. The Garden Paving Mold is perfect for gardens, entrances to your home, balconies, patios, and more! 

garden path mold


  • Easy to use
  • Paving Mold can be used repeatedly until pathway is completed
  • Can make paths with different colors of cement- just blend coloring pigment into cement before pouring into the mold


  • Rake the area where you would like to use the cement mold

  • Prepare concrete in a concrete container

  • Pour wet concrete into paving mold

  • Use a straight edge to smooth and even out the concrete surface

  • You can add decorative objects while concrete is still wet, such as shells, handprints, rocks, etc

  • Let it sit overnight until dry

  • Remove concrete paving mold the next day

Product Specifications

  • Material: PP (Plastic)

Package Includes

  • 1 x Concrete Garden Paving Mold

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