Dragon Plasma Lighter

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Dragon Plasma Lighter

Our Plasma lighter is more efficient as compared to the older and traditional lighters that are fueled with butane. This devices produce a plasma flame which is even hotter compared to fire, which makes that the lighter can't be affected by factors as winda for example.

Also, these are very handy, and you can take them wherever you want. It's a portable and lightweight tool that you can take with you when you go camping! Also useful for cigarettes, candles, gas stoves, or any thing you need to light!

Some special features of our Plasma Lighters:

  • Windproof and most of these are also splashproof
  • Durable mostly made of zinc alloy
  • Flameless emit no harmful gasses
  • They are butane free environment-friendly lighters
  • No need to buy the refilling fuel or a new one in case if disposal lighter

Package Includes:

1 x Dragon Plasma Lighter


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