Blush Roller - The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Face Roller

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Say goodbye to angry and irritated skin and let love and harmony flow with the Blush Roller!


  • For Sensitive SkinĀ - Not all skin types are made equal, and thoseĀ struggling with sensitive or inflammatory skin know how a good day can turn bad when youĀ have irritable skin, and that's why we made the Blush Roller.Ā Rose quartz is known for itsĀ relaxing propertiesĀ suitable for any skin type,Ā so whether you have normal or sensitive skin,Ā it's guaranteedĀ to sooth inflammation, calm irritated skin, and promote healing.
  • PerfectĀ NourishingĀ ToolkitĀ -Ā The Blush Roller Supports has all the benefits fromĀ naturalĀ minerals that helps renew skin cells andĀ invigorates and re-energizes skin. ItĀ maintains coolness for much longerĀ so you don't have to worry aboutĀ sensitive and easily reactive skin, or inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea. The cooling rose quartz facial roller willĀ give your skin that calm, bright, and beautiful glow from within!
  • Promotes Blood Circulation - The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Face Roller stimulates blood circulation and increases lymphatic drainage. With regular use, you will notice a reduction in puffiness around your eyes and face, revealing a more youthful glow.Ā 
  • Calms Redness and Inflammation - Place the Gua Sha scraping stone or the Rose Quartz face massager roller in the refrigerator to experience an ultra-cooling blast, helping to instantly soothe redness and inflammation while leaving a glowing, calm complexion.Ā 
  • Promotes Love and HarmonyĀ -Ā The Rose Quartz is said to encourage universal love and harmony. Your heart opens allowing you to be more compassionate towards yourself and others.Ā It'sĀ also known as the love stone, andĀ gives off energies ofĀ unconditional love and self-care.
  • Safe and Effective - The Rose Quartz face massager roller is designed for all skin types so you can achieve healthy and youthful skin without any harmful chemicals or side effects. Its smaller roller is for the eye area while its bigger roller is for the neck and face.Ā 
  • Made of High-Quality Materials - The Gua Sha tools are made of the natural stone Rose Quartz. The Gua Sha scraping stone and the face & eye rollers are solid and not squeaky in any way and are incredibly smooth.Ā 
  • Perfect Gift - The Gua Sha tools are perfect for gifting for any occasion. It comes in a beautiful package that is sure to delight your loved ones.Ā 
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee - Not happy with the product? Just send it back and you will get all your money back - no questions asked.

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