Huge Remote Control Rc Helicopter

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Huge Remote Control Rc Helicopter

Has 3.5 Channels remote controlled easily to fly, turn left, turn right, forward, backward. Full lighting system comes pre-installed, so you can fly at night. Features an Integrated gyroscope, radio control, 360-degree operation, long flying control range, smooth hovering performance. A Co-Axial (counter rotating) blade sets offer a very stable flight for both indoor and outdoor flying.

Gyro keeps the helicopter flying straight and level. This makes takeoffs and landings very easy and provides for smooth, effortless flying Long battery life. The flashlight will be on when turn on the power switch. Multiple LED lights that make it cool to fly at nights.

Huge Remote Control Rc Helicopter


  • Remote Control 3.5 Channels 

  • Integrated Gyroscope 

  • Radio Control

  • 360-degrees Operation 

  • Long Flying Control Range

  • Smooth Hovering Performance Co-Axial (counter rotating)

  • LED Lights

Huge Remote Control Rc Helicopter


  • Usage Time: approximately 15 minutes

  • Charging Time: 2 hours

  • Remote control 2.4g

  • The Distance of The Remote Control: 100M

  • USB charging of the 3.7V aluminum battery

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Package Content

  • 1 x Huge Remote Control RC Helicopter

  • 1 x Charger 

  • 1x Remote Control (needs 4 AA batteries -not included)

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