Led Deer Bells Curtain Light Eu Us Christmas Garland String Fairy Lights Outdoor For Home

Emitting Color:
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Light string pendant:?Christmas deer*2, Christmas tree*2, Christmas bell*2
Color:?warm white /multicolor
Material: copper wire + plastic cover
Length:?3.5 m
Lead wire (line):?1.5 m? (When the plug cord is not long enough, you can purchase a 3M plug extension cord)
Number of LEDs:?138LED
Voltage:?AC 220V/110V
Plug standard:?EU/US plug
Lighting mode:8? modes-1. Constant light mode 2. Flash mode 3. Blinking mode 4. Continuous mode 5. Wave mode 6. Fantasy mode 7. Extinct mode 8. Slow flash mode
Q1: Can I connect different lights together??
A: Yes, you can choose to connect different devices together to make the lights longer. At the end of each lamp set there is a connector for connecting the different lamps together.
?Q2: Can the lamp be used outdoors??
A: Yes, The lamp can be used outdoors, all lamp beads are waterproof, but the controller, plug and tail plug are not waterproof. If you use it outdoors, you must protect the controller, plug and tail plug.
a1 1e1 (2)e1 (6)e1 (5)e1 (17)d3 (2)e1 (7)e1 (11)
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