Kids Smart GPS Watch Tracker

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Kids Smart GPS Watch Tracker

Keeping our children safe is always our number one priority. Track your kids' location and gift them a fun, cool watch with our Kids Smart GPS Watch Tracker.

Connects to your mobile phone using it built-in app, allowing you to call your child anytime. Featuring GPS, it can send your child's real-time location and has an electronic fence function that can be set in the watch. If your child goes out of the area, you'll receive a notification. You'll always be able to keep track of your kids.

  • GPS tracking: Insert the sim to activate the GPS tracker and precisely locate your child at all times. The GPS tracker provides a live view of your child's current location and includes a tracking history function.

  • Out-of-range notification: Features a fencing function that notifies you when your child goes out of range. Set a distance limit and get alerted when this boundary is crossed. No more stress locating or losing your child!

  • Calling function: Make and receive phone calls easily. You can also restrict contacts from contacting your child by whitelisting who can call them.

  • SOS button: Just press this button for 3 seconds and the smart watch will
    auto dial the 3 reserved SOS phone number repeatedly, until one answers the call.

  • Fun features included: Includes multi-functional features:
    • Interactive touchscreen display
    • GPS tracking
    • Fencing system
    • Emergency system
    • Phone calls

    • Arithmetic educational game
    • Alarm
    • Flashlight
    • Voice chat

Package includes

  • 1x Smart Watch
  • 1x English Manual
  • 1x Charger 
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