Military Grade Night Vision Binoculars Googles

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Military Grade Night Vision Binoculars Googles

Night vision binoculars bring the world closer and enjoy a detailed view. The zoom function brings the subject even closer. With the 60x magnification and the simple focus, you never miss something in many situations. 

Anti-fog and waterproof, Durable, high-quality workmanship are also suitable for harsher environmental conditions.

Even more impressive panoramas (Zoom 60x60 mm), Extremely wide field of view, the built-in wide-angle prisms, expanded field of view, viewing comfort.

High-quality image view: Ruby lens to minimize UV glare with a strong optical lens. It lets you see clearly in low light surroundings.

Easy To Grip, The grooves of this binocular fit perfectly with the thumbs when held; The splash-proof and rubberized cover provides comfort and keeps it from slipping.

Versatile, You can easily get a portable remote viewing option for bird and wildlife viewing, hunting and more details of concerts and sporting events.


  • Eyepiece  

  • Objective and red film

  • Built-in coordinates

  • Support night vision 

  • Durable goods, high definition, especially for travel, fieldwork, forestry, electricity, telecommunications, fire protection, border control, transportation, and other construction units to use

Package Includes

  • 1 x Military Grade Night Vision Binoculars Googles

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