Ocean Edge - Car Buddy

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Running Out Of Space In The Car? Not Anymore!

You can forget about drink spills in the car! Car Buddy is here to provide you with all the cup space you need to fit any cup size at an adjustable length from you.

The top holder rotates at 360º and expands suitable for any cup. Below it lies a second cup holder, perfect for accommodating passengers or yourself with a second drink.

Car Buddy expansive foam at its bottom fits the holder tighter into your car to ensure the shock is taken away so no spills happen. Car Buddy supreme design beats any cup holder on the market!

Why Ocean Edge Car Buddy is for you

Fits anything in it- The three arms can expand, contract and shift to a 360º to meet your preference and hold tightly any drink you wish!

Double the cup space- Rotate the top to unlock the second inner holder to hold 2 drinks at the same time. Save space and max out your convenience!

Nothing will spill- The foamed base of the mount minimizes the shock of sudden maneuvers to keep the holder stabilized at all times.

Car Buddy is the ultimate choice- With our 2in1 holder, you’ll have your drinks secured by your side to save space and provide maximum convenience when driving!

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