Outdoor Camping Shower Kit

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Outdoor Camping Shower Kit

The Shower bag can contain almost 5.3 Gal (20 liters) of water which is ample for multiple baths. 

This bag is very compact and very easy to carry on your back with the strap, you can refill the bag with ease.

The water temperature feature in the bag so you can know the temperature of the water and due to what absorbing design you will get the hot water in the cold areas. Due to the plastic tube you can easily access the water from the bag and the hose with the shower head let you bath like you are bathing in your cozy washroom.


  • The water volume can be adjusted and the filling can be continued for 8 minuts.

  • Lightweight PVC material

  • Use solar heating for easy use

  • With shower, adjustable water volume

  • Front: (new material production, color, black and bright, absorb the sun's thermal effect. The ordinary solar bathing bag on the market is produced by returning materials, the color is dim, affecting the heat absorption effect


  • Color: Black 

  • Material: PVC

  • Capacity: 5.3 Gal / 20L

  • Weight: 0.78lb / 355g

  • Size: 60 x 40mm

  • Use the right amount of water in the shower bag.

  • Put the shower bag in a flat and stable place. The black side is facing the sunlight.

  • As long as 3 hours, can make 15 degrees of water temperature increased to 45 degrees of higher temperature, the water temperature may reach 48 degrees Celsius, please test the water temperature before shower, self-regulation add cold water.


The heating temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. Too hot will affect the service life of the bag. 

Package Included

  • 1 x Outdoor camping  bathing bag

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