Premium Car Heads Up Display

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Premium Car Heads Up Display

Our Premium Car Heads Up Display was designed to make it easy to pay attention to the car speed without having to take your eyes off of the road. Equipped with a special reflective lens, this head up display directly detects the speed of the car after the cables are connected to the car.

The screen on the heads up car display has a high range of brightness which is adjusted automatically depending on the environment outside. Once the car starts moving, the car HUD will display the speed in very big & bold letters on the windshield.

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Best part of all, the HUD display is extremely small in size and takes up little to no space on the dashboard. It comes with a special sticky pad which ensures that once installed, the car HUD display does not move around or slide due to road conditions.


  • Ergonomic Design - The head up display comes in a very compact and easy-to-place design which leaves ample room on the dashboard to actually view the road. Plus, this car head display has smart-technology, meaning it automatically adjusts brightness and turns on/off.

  • Easy to Use - Installing our HUD display is an extremely easy and simple process. The instructions on installing the hud are included in the package.

  • High Quality - Simply put, this heads up display was built to last. It features special over-heating technology and can survive bumpy roads with ease.

Premium Car Heads Up Display


  • Environment Temperature - 35°C--+80?°C
  • Barometric Press: 86-106KPa
  • Relative Humidity: 10%-95%
  • Environment Voice: <=60dB
  • Alarm Of Sound Level: >=30dB(A) Work voltage:9V~18V
  • Size of Product: 12.3 x 7.3 x 1.2(cm)
  • Suitable for cars of the OBD interface after 2008. Some models are not supported.
  • Suitable case for Mazda, Ford Focus after 2004 

Package Included

  • 1X HUD 
  • 1X Cable
  • 1X Film Protector
  • 1X Anti-slide Pad
  • 1X Manual
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