Karves Professional Knife Sharpener

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Karves Professional Knife Sharpener

Fed up with knives that are not sharp enough when you try to prepare your meals? We have got the perfect solution for you - the Karves Professional Knife Sharpener! This 3-stage knife sharpener will not only sharpen the blades of your knives but also repair and polish them for great use.

Keep cooking fun and safe with this professional knife sharpener, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use!  Whether you’re right or left-handed, the ergonomic handle helps you restore the sharpness of your knives in seconds!  For effective sharpening, simply place the blade in each of the three slots and pull it through a few times.

3-Step Knife Sharpening System:

  • 1st Step: "Ceramic" stage (preparation): For repairing damaged blades and straightening blades before sharpening.

  • 2nd Step: "Coarse" stage (sharpen): Sharpens the blade and restores the cutting edge to a "V" shape.

  • 3rd Step: "Fine" stage (fine-tune): Polishes the blade and equalizes any surface irregularities that may have been caused.

This professional knife sharpener is super easy to clean! Just simply pull out the cartridge and wipe off the magnet that collects blade shavings. It’s ideal for nearly all knife types such as pocket knives, kitchen knives, steak knives, etc. 

With its ergonomically designed handle that is located in the side of the slots, your hands are perfectly safe from the moving blade. Its sleek and compact design complements any kitchen’s décor and its small size allows it to fit anywhere in the kitchen.


  • Flexibility - 3-in-1 sharpening: Fine, medium and coarse

  • Ergonomic - Reversible for left and right-hand use

  • Precision Guide - Boasting a helpful precision guide, this sharpener helps keep knives in the ideal position to achieve the best results and sharpest edge.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle - The handle of the sharpener is located in the side of the slots, so your hands are safely away from the moving blade

  • Non-slip Design - Non-slip, cushioned base grips the surface of yourcountertop to prevent any movement while you’re sharpening your knives

  • Small, Compact Design - Its sleek and durable exterior complements any kitchen's decor and its small size allows it to fit on countertops for easy access.

  • Easy to Clean Out - This model can easily be cleaned by pulling out the cartridge and wiping off the magnet that collects blade shavings. Easy to clean and is machine washable.

  • For Nearly All Knife Types - Ideal for multi-function knives, steak knives, filet knives, pocket knives, etc. 


  • Size:  7.6" x 1.7" x 2.7" inch (19.5 x 4.5 x 7cm)

  • Material: ABS + Tungsten

Package Includes

  • 1 x Knife Sharpener

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