Pull-Up Auxiliary Belt Exercise Resistance Band, Suitable For Body Stretching And Powerlifting

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4 kinds of professional resistance loop belts with different resistance grades.
*Red (15-35 pounds): low resistance, suitable for warm-up, stretching and light intensity training. Very suitable for shoulder training and other high-performance speed training.

Black (25-65 pounds): moderate to moderate resistance to exercise and stretching. Very suitable for high stretch training/stretching.

Purple (35-85 pounds): Moderate to severe resistance, suitable for moderate-intensity fitness exercises and strength training. It is also suitable as a medium-sized pull-up support.

*Green (50-125 pounds): heavy resistance, heavy training, strong support for pull-ups. Ideal for speed and agility training, such as push-ups, squats, bench presses and other sports.

A convenient and best gift for your friends, family and colleagues.
Use the attached bag and carry it with you to reach your destination. Crossfit straps gain muscle more effectively without the risk of dropping heavy dumbbells or accidentally crushing fingers when stepping on/removing the weight plate.

Economical, lightweight and portable train band
The material of the resistance tape is a special natural latex with special elasticity and odorless. This means that the material will withstand high pressure-very suitable for sports and therapy.

Security is second to none.
At the beginning of the practice, there is little resistance when the band is loosened, and there is no need for the explosive force of twisting.
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