Ltraviolet Sterilization Shoe Dryer Timing Fragrant Deodorizing Intelligent Electric Shoes

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Package Included:
1 x Deodorizing Shoes Socks Dryer
1 x User Manual
(Comes with a safe adapter according to you country.)

Type: Electrical Shoe Dryer
Material: ABS Shell
Color: Black
Rated Power: 150W
Rated Voltage: 110V /220V 50Hz
Timer: 120 Minutes
The temperature of blowing out hot air: About 40°C when the environment temperature is at around 20°C.
Set the drying time.(Please note that the sheet content is the situation when your shoes are wet.)

Drying Time:
Sneakers, tourist shoes: About 20 mins
High boots: About 20 mins
Leather shoes: ≤ 15 mins

1. Disposal: put the shoes dryer on board or dry, smooth floor (this product has on ground wire).
2. Open the bracket and release the pitch button. Put shoes on the bracket.
3. Plug into 110V 50HZ AC receptacle.
4. According to the shoe type and dampness, set drying time. Turn the timer knob clockwise to the time you set, then the dryer is working. When finished, the timer knob will back to the 'OFF' position.
5. Pull out the plug after drying, push back the pitch button and push down the bracket.

- Don’t use in bathroom.
- Keep away from children.
- Don’t use with upside down.
- Don’t use besides drying function.
- Bracket shall in stand position in use.
- Don’t vibrate and hit the dryer fiercely.
- Choose 110V 50HZ AC power correctly.
- Don’t inhale things which may cause trouble.
- Don’t wash dryer body to avoid shock and failure.
- During use the outlet and vent shall not be jammed.
- Keep away form fire causing stuff such as cloth and paper.
- Check the wire before use to avoid shock and fire accident.
- Don’t use on ethylene, resin carpet and other soft, unsafe materials.
- Avoid sunshine and keep away from heat source to prevent the distortion and color change.
- To avoid fire, please turn timer knob to 'OFF' position and pull out the plug when the dryer is not working.

1.Please allow 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

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Our product comes with a plug that is a European standard plug(suitable for European families such as Germany, France,Russia,etc) If other plugs are you needed. Please refer to the pictureselection (Choose these plugs and we will provide converters).

①. AU PLUG For Australia.
②. UK PLUG For United Kingdom.
③. EU PLUG For Israel and Switzerland etcIsrael and Switzerland etc have different European plugs.

If needed,We can provide converters, But please indicate in the purchase message.


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