Skarde️ Viking Forged Knife

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Skarde️ Viking Forged Knife

Skarde Knifes are multipurpose,whether you trimming brisket, boning leg of lamb, skinning or breaking down a whole chicken, or even separating ribs from pork loin.Curved profile, can be precisely separated meat and bone. It is very sharp,suitable for kitchen or outdoor camping.


  • Blade Thickness: About 3mm/ 4.2mm

  • Material: Manganese Steel

  • Splash Off: 780 Degree

  • Annealing: 180 Degree-200 DegreeMaterial: Craft Forged High-carbon Armored


  • The entire manufacturing process of this knife is completely manual.

  • The knife forging surface is coarse, not as smooth as a machine produced knife, but it exhibits the characteristics of forging.

  • Please allow slight deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Include

  • 1 x Skarde️ Viking Forged Knife

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