Steampunk Style Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard Switch

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Steampunk Style Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard Switch

If you spend most of your time on the computer like for work or games, then you're totally missing out on an upgrade that'll improve your computing experience: Using a mechanical keyboard. They have never been cheaper or better, and it's an upgrade you'll benefit greatly from.

Using a mechanical keyboard can make you a better typist thanks to the precise and consistent feel of each key. These boards are built to last. Each switch or key is good for millions of presses. Even with heavy use especially in the gaming experience, a good mechanical keyboard can last for many years. 

This steampunk styled typewriter mechanical keyboard is one of the most innovative keycaps there is in the market with excellent touch and design. You will never feel uncomfortable even if you type for long hours as the touch feels so soft.

Product Features

  • Scratch & Impact Resistant: It doesn’t matter how hard or soft you type, these keycaps have been designed with materials strong enough to withstand the impact of your fingers.

  • Strength & Wear Tear Free: Steampunk Styled Typewriter Keycaps – Mechanical Keyboard Switch is built to last long and resistant to all manner of wears. It retains its beauty & style even while prone to scratches and resistance.

  • Superb Feel While Touching: You can decide to type on your computer for long hours and be sure not to feel the stress on your fingers and feel uncomfortable. It is intuitively designed to retain your comfort and everyday needs.

  • Steampunk Design: The electrifying design of this keycap adds to the beauty and the feeling of satisfaction when gaming or working on your computer.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Steampunk Style Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard Switch

  • Note: The product is a button, not a keyboard

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