Transformix Transformer Car

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Transformix Transformer Car

My nephew said “best toy ever”. Nice to hear coming from a kid who has a toy box big enough to walk around in. My husband and I had fun playing with it too. The Transformer Car is awesome!

Caterina Llyod

This is a fantastic gift for my little boy! It's his christmas present and he loves it! He is requesting to buy another color for his birthday present and we are thinking of getting it for him again!

Michael Babani

Transformix Transformer Car


  •  Voted Best Christmas Gift of 2019

  •  1 Click Transformation

  •  360° Spins and Drifting Action

  •  High-Speed Racing

  •  Online Special - Not Sold in Retail Stores

Transformix Transformer Car

Transformers: Transform and Roll Out!

It is every child's dream to own all kinds of cars and robot toys. Why not get your child this Transformer Car this Christmas?

Put a smile on your child's face with Our Transformer Car. It transforms from a Racer Car to a Transformer with just one click. Bright flashing lights and music accompany the transformation, which will definitely WOW your child!

Transformix Transformer Car

Every Little One's Dream

Let your kid save the galaxy from evil with this Transformer Car. The iconic music rings in our ears which goes "I'm powerful and I'm the peace envoy of the earth, let us go for the battle for the earth peace." Read on about what Transformix Transformer Car can do!

What can Transformer Car do?

A single click on the button transforms the car to a transformer and vice versa. It is just so simple and cool!

Transformix Transformer Car

Cool Moves and Sounds

Zoom and race around the battlefield in both car and transformer forms. Revvlo Transformer Car boasts 360° speed drifting action with exciting engine and acceleration sound effects. Flashing LED lights to make this Transformer Car so cool that other kids will be wishing that they had this too.

Strong Remote Control System

It has a 2.4 GHz Strong Transmitter system which gives you 30-40 meters of distance control. It charges fully in 1 hour and lasts for half an hour after charge. Perfect for a trip down to the nearest park to show off some cool moves on the Transformix Transformer Car!

Transformix Transformer Car

Treat your little one with hours of fun this holiday season with Our Transformer Car today!


  • Car Size: 23 x 9.5 x 5.5cm
  • Robot Size: 17 x 15 x 18.5cm

Package Includes

  • 1 x Transformix Transformer Car

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